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salam alikum!

monica lobetti bodoni

Marrakech-Essaouira - Consigli di Viaggio Marrakech (Marocco)tra Monica Lobetti Bodoni e Diane Bond

Consiglio di viaggio del 21 Marzo 2017

diane bond


21 Mar 17


Hello Monica
we are 3 persons staying in marrakech for 2 days and then to essaouira for 4 days
i thought to take the bus but was wondering what the costs of a driver could be from marrakech to essaouria and if you are able to organize.??
thank you

dear diane,
first of all nice to meet you!
as for your travel, the best to get to essaouira from marrakech is the bus! you have to main options: CTM and SUPRATOURS (both bus stations are close to the railway station in the new town of marrakech), paying 70-80 dirham per person (around 7-8 euro) one way
travelling by car with a driver is much more expensive: calculate 450dh (one way) plus the fuel (around 200dh) and, honestly, it is not so worth while having a driver who can stop when you like all along the way, there is not so much to see ;-)
my concern is only about the 4 days in essaouira: the town, quite small, can be easily visited in an afternoon, and the beach is not so enjoyable if you don't surf / windsurd / kitesurf.. it's very windy, and the water is very very cold! on the contrary, the surroundings are very interesting, and you can easily make one-day excursions leaving from essaouira.. but, for doing that, a car may be a very good idea: without driver, you can find it at 250dh per day (excluding fuel, of course)
in order to have an idea of what you can do in the surrounding, pls have a look at our proposal at the following link -> http://www.yallaz.net/tours.php?dest=Marocco&l=en&topic=intro&scope=excs&id=1
if you are interested in knowing more, pls write to me at monica@djemme.com
hope to be useful for your travel organisation, pls don't hesitate to contact me for any doubt!

21 Mar 17


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