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Annalisa Anichini

Delicious real tuscany food - Consigli di Viaggio Firenzetra Annalisa Anichini e Karola Müller

Consiglio di viaggio del 23 Agosto 2017

Karola Müller

Delicious real tuscany food

23 Ago 17


Dear Annalisa,
I am going to San Gimingnano with my boyfriedn next saturday and we like to get some real food of tuscany. We are going to visit Firenze one or two days. We are travelling by car so it is possible for us to visit some nice restaurants next to Firenze?
We would be very glad if you have some recommendations for us.
Thank you very much!
Kind regards

  • Mangiare

Dear Karola,
You will love San Gimignano for sure! :)
Florence is a little town, so you can leave your car close to the center and walking to the center.
you can park in all the blue lines with payment. Pay attention to the limitation aerea where you will not be able to enter.
You will have a lot of good restaurants. I suggest you to stay in Oltrarno area, here every restaurant is very good and very tuscany too.
One of my favorite place is "La Casalinga" just close to Piazza Santo Spirito, is a very traditional restaurant. Or "I Raddi", or you can try "Buca Mario" near Piazza Santa Maria Novella.
I hope to had help you.
If you need anymore information ask me!
Enjoy your visit in San Gimignano and Florence


23 Ago 17


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