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Merce Balasch

Merce Balasch Sonoun viaggiatore


  • Napolidal 24/06/2015 al 28/06/2015




07 Giu 15


Hello, I'd like your reccomendation on what to do in Naples. I'm travelling there with my husband. One day we'd like to visit Pompeii and the Vesubio. We arrive by air and I'm thinking of buying the unicampania card for 3 days in Naples, do you know if we can pick it up at Naples airport and use to go to the city?

10 Giu 15


Ciao, I'm looking for some counsels about what are the must-visiting places in Naples. As I wrote before I'll be there for 3 days. Also I'd like to have help about the Unicampania Card, if it's valid in Pompeia and if I can book the visit there in advance. How do we visit the Vesubio?

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Hi Merce, unicampania card is strictly connected with campania arte card
With this card or with unicampania you can use alibus ( the bus that connects airport to city centre)
You can buy online or at the railway station.

Enjoy Naples!

10 Giu 15


Must seen attractions are
Cappella San Severo
Chiostro Santa Chiara
Chiostro San Gregorio Armeno
Castel dell'Ovo
Via San Gregorio Armeno
Napoli sotterranea ( underground)
Cimitero delle Fontanelle

If you want a guida contact www.insolitaguida.it

If you want more information feel free to ask

10 Giu 15


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