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stephanie  berblinger

Stephanie Berblinger Sonoun viaggiatore


  • Romadal 10/09/2010 al 13/09/2010



stay at rom

20 Ago 10


Hi Amadeo,

my name is Stephanie and I pass by at Rom for a Weekend in September. (100910-130910)
As i never have been to Rom i hope u can give me some advise, especially for restaurants or where to get typical rom snacks or stuff like that. I am interested in restaurants locals like or maybe also some cheaper places where students and young people like to eat. Maybe it is ridiculous but how is "formula uno"?In the internet I figuered out that its supposed to be a cheap and nice place studets like to go...is that true?:-)

It would be great if u could give me some advice!

Greetz and thanks a lot in advance!


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