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How to participate

Angels for Travellers is an open community and its services  are free, you just have to sign up.

...as a Traveller

The Angel section of the site lists the personal profiles of all the Angels: name, surname, age, photo, interests, tastes and languages spoken. Each profile is accompanied by comments made by Travellers that the Angel has guided.
The Travellers must fill out a simple registration form in order to become part of the community.
After registering, Travellers can choose the preferred guiding Angel by clicking “ask for help”. You will have a response to your request within 24 hours. If your request is accepted you can begin an on-site dialogue with your Angel; if not you can choose another Angel.
Once in the place you are visiting you will have the possibility to meet your Angel if you are up for a good local chat and a drink!
Once back home Travellers generally complete a travel diary which include their impressions of their trip and upload their photo, movies and comments to the Angel for Travellers web site.

...as an Angel

To become an Angel you have to write your profile: name surname, age, photos, interests, languages spoken.
When a Traveller asks to be guided by you, the Angel can decide to accept or refuse the request.
The main duty of the Angel is to answer to the questions of the Traveller within 24 hours. With this information the Traveller will be able to organize a better stay in the place that have decided to visit, (better place to sleep, to eat and to go).
When the Travellers arrive the Angel will try to meet them at least to have a cup of coffee together. It is also possible to invite the Traveller to dinner or to guide around
Every Angel will have references which will be updated (and visible on the site) based on the assessments of the Travellers.