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The Idea

When you travel in a new city it is very pleasant and gratifying to be guided by local people. You can visit authentic localities and participate in the everyday life of the city. They can help you feel like a traveller and not a tourist.

Angels for Travellers is a community of people (Angels) who are willing to help other people (Travellers) planning to visit their city.


... for Travellers

Angels for Travellers gives people, who are planning a travel, access to guiding Angels who have many diverse interests. There are Angels who love the arts, or who are experts in archaeology and history, or who know the local market places; or who are is well inform about travel with children; or who know about city nightlife.

Angels for Travellers is also a place where Travellers can express their opinions on their experiences, on the courtesy and capacity  of their guiding Angel, on the quality of the hotels where they stayed and on the beauty of the places they visited.

...for Angels

Angels for Travellers gives people who love Naples the opportunity to share their love for their city with Travellers.
Angels for Travellers is a tool to give people the opportunity to provide a service for their community.
Angels for Travellers  began its activities in Naples (Italy) in May 2009 and now is extending to other cities in the world. Today anyone can become the Angel of her/his city, anywhere.