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Carmen Cristiana Baruffini

Naples Family - Travel Tips Napolibetween Carmen Cristiana Baruffini and Carlo Morelli

Travel Tip of 21 June 2014

carlo  morelli

Naples Family

21 Jun 14


Ciao Carmen!

My name is carlo morelli da philadelphia, usa. I am traveling to Italy July 29 to Aug 25th. I want to find my relatives and enjoy Naples... My great grandfather's information is below, i just received it from Naples. I need help finding documents and family...I want to visit Naples every year. Please help me!!!


ps. I just started studying Italian.
carlo morelli
facebook: www.facebook.com/carlo.j.morelli
website: carlomorelli.com
email: carlomorellijr@gmail.com

from Naples::::
Hello Carlo:

We would like to inform you that we have received the extract of the birth act for Carlo MORELLI from the municipality of Napoli (NA).
It reads as follows:

In Napoli (NA) District of San Lorenzo, on October 15, 1875 MORELLI Carlo male son of Morelli Antonio and of Genuasi Maria was born.

There are no side notations.

Birth act n. 585 Part 1^ District of San Lorenzo Year 1875 Town hall of Napoli (NA)

The town hall of Napoli (NA) did not include the birth of Enrico Morelli which means that they could not find it.

Hi Carlo,
I'm sorry but I don't think to know any of your relatives.
But I'd like to help you all the same.
How ca I do?
I have a lot of Facebook friends. Maybe we could ask with a broadcast message if somebody knows your grandfather or any of his relatives...
What do you think about?
I hope You will succeed.
I'll be waiting for your news.


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