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Ciao Viaggiatori!!!:) piacere Susy

Susy Allocca

visit to Napoli - Travel Tips Napolibetween Susy Allocca and Andy Pratt

Travel Tip of 11 January 2016

Andy Pratt

visit to Napoli

11 Jan 16


Hello Susi
I am coming to Naples from January 19-25 and I would like to meet an angel! I think you are kind to share your advice with travellers! Would it be possible to have your advice, and maybe to meet some nice English-speaking citizens of Napoli? I will be very pleased to hear from you. My name is Andrew Pratt on Facebook (if you put Plymouth in the search you will find me) and I am from the UK, the southwest,which is nice.

Hi Andy,
with pleasure!!! even if I don't know if in that days I am dipsonibile because I work.
My English is not very strong, therefore I apologize you if I make some error, test to write on the page facebook of Erasmus Napoli, finds them many English that can give you help,
in the case you need suggestions on the things to see you also ask.
I m Susy Allocca on the facebook.


14 Jan 16


14 Jan 16


Grazie Susy!
You are very kind to reply - and your English is good, buono! I did try on Facebook but I am not sure I found you. I would be very pleased to have advice for visitors! I want to see Vesuvius, the museums and arts, the markets... and I love reggae music, so I think I should visit "Kinky Klub" - do you know it? It would be very nice, if you are not busy, to meet in person to buy you a drink and to speak (in English, scusi!) to nice local people like yourself, to find out about your life in your great city. I will bring my telephone which is (44) 7980 602088.
If I am lucky - A presto !

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