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georgia ferrara

Alice Handl - Travel Tips Palermobetween Georgia Ferrara and Alice Handl

Travel Tip of 05 September 2016

Alice Handl

Alice Handl

05 Sep 16


Dear Giorgia! We have seen you with a guest in TV about Palermo and we arrive by Cruise on Jan.7th 2017 in Palermo Harbour. (With Costa Mediterranea. We have been already in Palermo one day years ago but we would like to see the market, try typical Food and sit together with a coffe and a cake on top of this marvellous Restaurant or Cafeteria we have seen in the TV. Would it be possible to meet you on this 7th Jan. 2017????
We are from Salisburgo and we certainly would enjoy to be your guiding Angel in Salisburgo at any time!!!! Anche posso parlare itatiano, ma il mio italiano e povero!!!!
Saluti e mille grazie - cerco la tua risposta!

Alice da Salisburgo (siamo 66 and 69 anni)

  • Food

Good Morning Alice, I am glad to receive your email.

I did the TV documentation being that I work as personal concierge in Italy and this Tv asked me to spend 2 days walking with them in Palermo.
Unfortunately I am not a licensed guide, so I cannot assist you personally, but I could offer you an alternative with one of our trusted and professional guide.
Would you be interested in this solution?

I am at your disposal.
Looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards
Georgia Ferrara

12 Sep 16


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