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Natale Giordano

Marina - Travel Tips Palermobetween Natale Giordano and Marina S.

Travel Tip of 05 June 2017

marina s.


05 Jun 17


Hello Natale,

you seem to be a very nice and interesting guide.
Marcel and I, arriving next Tuesday at Palermo, will stay until Monday. If you had time to show us around, it would be great. It's our first time in Palermo and we would like to see nice and interesting places. On Friday evening we will watch the concert of Pippo Pollina in the teatro massimo. That's where we came for. On Saturday and on Sunday we would like to do some sightseeing. We are interested in arts, wine and food.
Also we might need some assistance searching for a transport to villa casale.

Best wishes

Unfortunately we dont speak Italian but English, French and German. I hope this will be okay for you?

  • To see
  • Food

Dear Marina, I'm very sorry to not have had the opportunity to assist you, but I'm working in international cooperation and I was abroad in the period you visited Sicily.
In addition the project Angel for Travellers is closed, but I would have been happy to assist you the same if I could. It woulb be for the next time.

24 Jun 17


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