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Luisa Rellini

Real tuscany food? - Travel Tips Florence (Tuscany - Italy)between Luisa Rellini and Karola Müller

Travel Tip of 23 August 2017

Karola Müller

Real tuscany food?

23 Aug 17


I am going to San Gimingnano with my boyfriedn next saturday and we like to get some real food of tuscany. We are going to visit Firenze one or two days. We are travelling by car and we are looking forward to visit some nice restaurants next to Firenze.
We would be very glad if you have some recommendations for us.
Thank you very much!
Kind regards

  • Food

Hello Karola,
Thanks for your message.
If you plan to choose something near the center of Florence and like the a good beer I suggest you Mosto Dolce in Via Nazionale : very good pizza and pasta and also fried vegetables or "coccoli" with stracchino cheese (a type of fried bread)...
If you want to taste typical florentine food, try Da Mario : a legend in Florence with lovely dishes and open only for lunch (Via Rosina)
For higher budget, enjoy a special dinner at Il Latini, well famous everywhere
Many people also like the atmosphere and food you can taste at the Mercato Centrale of Florence...
If you prefer to go somewhere else, Florence in Summer is super from Piazzale Michelangelo and the pizzerias or bars you can find there.
If you search for an accommodation, let me know :)
I remain at disposal for every need.

23 Aug 17


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