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roberto lucci

Jenifer - Travel Tips Barcelonabetween Roberto Lucci and Jenifer Craig

Travel Tip of 03 October 2012

Jenifer Craig


03 Oct 12


Hello Roberto!

My name is Jenifer and I will be travelling for the first time to Barcelona this December. I would love to hang out with someone who knows the language and can show me a little nightlife in Barcelona. I do speak a little Spanish.

Hi Jennifer
if i am in barcelona i can show you around. But unfortunately I travel quite a lot. And in december i will be in barcelona only 2 weeks
do you have the dates already?


09 Oct 12


10 Oct 12


Hi Roberto.

Thanks for getting back to me. I will be I. Barcelona December 10 - 17. I hope you are available. Jenifer.

Hi Jenifer. I think that week i will be between two travels but i may have an evening free in barcelona. I will be back in barcelona tomorrow and will let you know better

11 Oct 12


11 Oct 12


Ok. Thanks roberto

11 Oct 12


Ok. Thanks roberto

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