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Muoversi a Napoli con ANM!

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Azienda Napoletana Mobilità Spa I am an angel of Napoli

Sono felice di informare i turisti in visita a Napoli e dintorni sui servizi di trasporto, urbano ed extraurbano, di mia competenza. Le linee utili (autobus, metropolitane e funicolari) per raggiungere le principali attrazioni turistiche, i punti di interscambio, le modalità, i p …continue

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Sono felice di informare i turisti in visita a Napoli e dintorni sui servizi di trasporto, urbano ed extraurbano, di mia competenza. Le linee utili (a ...continua

Naples: Posillipo and Bagnoli with public transport

22 Jun 10


Hello, I am coming soon in Naples with a group of friends.
They told me that one of the most spectacular places of the city is the Virgilian Park, in Posillipo.

Can you tell me how to get there by public transport? We are lodging in Mergellina hostel for three days.

Dear Nicole, Virgiliano Park is one of the most beautiful in Naples. From Mergellina is easy to get there by public transport: just take a single bus line 140. The nearest stop to hostel Mergellina is about 300 meters in Via Mergellina.

22 Jun 10


How much is the ticket in Naples?

A hourly ticket “Unico Napoli” can be used for 90 minutes after being stamped. It costs 1.10 euro

A daily ticket costs 3.60 euro, but only 2.60 in the weekend.

22 Jun 10


How often pass the bus line 140?

The bus frequency is highly dependent on traffic conditions.
However, at the stop, thanks to the smart pole (pictured below), you could know how many minutes are missing the arrival of the bus, and then how long to wait.

If you get a bit 'of time to pass the time, I suggest you make a breakfast or a typical Neapolitan meal with coffee and croissant at a bar bakery in the area.

ANM Interactive Poles in Naples report waiting times and possible changes in transit routes.

22 Jun 10


Along the way are there special things to see?

At the beginning of Via Posillipo, on your left you see Palazzo Donn’Anna, one of the most famous buildings in Naples, dating from the seventeenth century and a background of "Neapolitan Legends of Matilde Serao”

Palazzo Donn’Anna and the nearby beach

After how many stops should we just get to go to Virgiliano Park?

You sould spend about 20 minutes. Sit down on the left side of the bus in order to see the beautiful panorama!

Have a look to the route and the timetable of 140 line in the image (click to open it)


You should get off at via Titus Lucretius Caro and go across on foot. After about 10 minutes walk you arrive to the Virgiliano Park.
In any case, do not forget to check on our website or on the informative pole stop for any changes.

Here are some photos that in any case do not do justice to the atmosphere that characterizes the site and some of the most beautiful and exciting views and where you can enjoy the Park.

The Virgiliano Park entrance

A Virgiliano Park view

Another Virgiliano Park view

Panoramic view on the sea from the Virgiliano Park

Here you can see a mini video from one of the many terraces on the sea

22 Jun 10


The place seems really beautiful!!! But is the entry fee- payment?

Admission is free and is open from sunrise to sunset. And also the access to the park is allowed even to dogs.

22 Jun 10


They told me that from the Park can be reached Nisida and Bagnoli. What is this?

Nisida is a tiny island belonging to the Flegree Islands, close to Capo Posillipo, which is connected with a pier built in stone.

Panoramic view of Nisida

Bagnoli was home of one of the most important steel poles of Italy being dismantled 90s.
Today it is the subject of a plan for redevelopment of the area, with new projects and sites that make it a fascinating and evolving area

Panoramic view of Bagnoli, ex Italsider Village

22 Jun 10


How can we reach Nisida and Bagnoli from Posillipo?

At the terminal of Capo Posillipo you can find many buses that go down to the area of Nisida: C1, C21, C23, C27.

Once arrived in Bagnoli with the bus, we suggest you to continue walking and walk along the pier.

If it's a beautiful day and especially at sunset the Campi Flegrei offer spectacular views.

Bagnoli pier and the scenery that you can see

22 Jun 10


But if we are hungry, can we find in the area some cheap and good pizza?

Obviosuly I look after buses, but I can tell you that there are so many pizzerias in Bagnoli to enjoy the true Neapolitan pizza without spending a lot. For this kind of advice you could ask some Angel expert of the area.

22 Jun 10


Ok, and from Bagnoli how do we get back to the Hotel in Mergellina?

Easy! If you want to take the bus and look the Fuorigrotta neighbourhood out the window, you can take the C1 line from Via Coroglio or Via Bagnoli and will arrive in Piazza Sannazaro in Mergellina, a few meters from your hostel.

Alternatively, if you fell a bit tired, you could take the Metro. The nearest station is the Bagnoli’s one about 5 minutes’ walk along Via Campi Flegrei. At the fourth stop on the underground comes Mergellina train station, a step away from your hostel.

Bagnoli Station

22 Jun 10


How much is the Neapolitan metro ticket ?

By the same tickets bought for the bus, you can also travel on the Metro whether with the 90 minutes ticket or with the daily ticket.

Naples is beautiful and even economic. Travelling on public transport, take a full tour of the city, from Mergellina to Bagnoli, through the Virgilian Park and Nisida, almost all completely free. Think what you had to spend in another city to do the same things!

22 Jun 10


Thanks for all the valuable information you gave us.


It was a pleasure. Have a nice trip and enjoy your stay in Naples.

For more information you can always refer to the website of ANM