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Francesca Del Vecchio

Francesca Del Vecchio I am an angel of Napoli

Sono una storica dell'arte e guida turistica della Regione Campania. Laureata e specializzata in storia dell'arte riesco a far conoscere amare e apprezzare la mia terra: a questo mi dedico da circa 30 anni! Passione e allegria mi contraddistinguono e sono orgogliosa di essere un' …continue

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Who I am

Sono una storica dell'arte e guida turistica della Regione Campania. Laureata e specializzata in storia dell'arte riesco a far conoscere amare e appre ...continua

can you help me please

01 Jan 14


Hello Francesca
I am hoping you may be able to offer some help.
This year is my 60th birthday and my Aunts 80th. To celebrate our birthdays we are planning a trip to Italy. I am at the stage of getting ideas together and working out how to plan it all

ideas so far
- 7 days in Tuscany (I have booked accommodation already) 6th September to 13th September
- drive to Pisa to take husband to airport, drop hire car off, get a train to Rome
- 3 days or so in Rome,
- then train to Naples (which is the most scenic route???? and what type of train???)

My thoughts for Naples so far are:
- get a train or bus to Pompeii and walk around Pompeii, maybe get the bus to Vesuvius and walk up to the top, bus back to Naples, then do a bit of sightseeing, dinner at a locals place
- following day, I am thinking about going to Iscia (my aunt loves thermals). I am wondering what is the cheapest way of getting there and what is a good spa to do ???(not too expensive and easy to get to)..... I wondered too if the massages are good and how much they cost?
- then I am thinking of getting a bus along the scenic coastal route to Sorrento - where do they leave from, how long is the journey??
- once in Sorrento I would like to find a way of visiting Nevano, Positano, Ravello, Salerno (any other places that would be good to visit?). I love scenery, nature, some history, good food and wine hic!!

so many questions, I do not know if this is the sort of thing you are able to help with as I have never used this website before.

I am open to any ideas too.
many thanks for considering this email


We would need accommodation in Naples - if you have any recommendations - somewhere safe, clean, and reasonably priced. It could be a bed and breakfast place for example.

Hello Andrea,
Here some info that I'm sure will help you in organising your trip.
As far as the accomodation is concerned, contact Elisabetta del Guercio. She rents 3 cosy appartments at a very reasonable in the historic center of Naplea. Her site is www.napoli-ap.com
To get to Pompei as well as to Sorrento the best is to take a train from the main Garibaldi Station. The line is called Circumvesuviana. There is a train to Pompeii every 30 minutes. Nearby the train station of Pompeii site there is the starting point of a bus that will get you to the Vesuvius Volcano snd back.
To go to Ischia the best and cheapest way is a ferry boat leaving from Porta di Massa harbour the timetables change depending on the season. I suggest you to arrive to Ischia harbour where with a 5 minute walk you can reach the Antiche terme comunali, the lical public spa if thermal water.
Visiting the Amalfi coast with no car or orivate vehical can be some kind of a stress! Especially if you are caming in the peack season. Anyway everyday from piazza Garibaldi nearby the train station of Naples leave several public buses of the SiTA LINE. To visit mire than a spoat means popping up and down from the local buses, sometimesstandig at the bus stop in the sun light for 30/49 minutes.
I do hope you can find those info usefull.

03 Jan 14


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