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Horst Kaul

Horst Kaul I ama traveller


  • Palermodal 25/02/2016 al 25/02/2016




17 Jan 16


Hallo Claudia,
we have heard about the "angel of palermo!!" and of cause we are very interested
to have guid showing us palermo from her sight, we do not have any special ideas about what we want to see, we have seen a tv report from palermo with one of you showing differenz
sight of palermo people etc. thats also what we like, not to go on the "usual" line but see
things which we allone would not see or not find.
we are arring with a cruiseship in palermo on 25th of February, costa mediteranea,
i think (if can not find my exact datas now) arriving at 09.00 and dept. should be late
afternoon. I can give you of cause the exact time later, if you have time to see us.
please let me know whether you or a collegue has time for us.
and let me now the details, t.i. what we have to pay, can we have lunch together of cause
etc.etc. we are coming from germany and would be very pleased to hear from you.
best regards

Hi Horst,
nice to meet you and thanks for contacting me. I'm available on 25 February .. what do you want to see? monuments? For the price you can decide .. give me confirmation and let me know the exact times!

see you soon


22 Jan 16


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