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Addiopizzo Travel Palermo

Horst - Travel Tips Palermobetween Addiopizzo Travel Palermo and Horst Kaul

Travel Tip of 18 January 2016

Horst Kaul


18 Jan 16


Hallo, we are a german couple arriving with costa cruise on above date.
we just want to know whether you can help us with an guide, our interests
are not fixed on a special theme. we would be glad to have somebody on our
side showing us palermo with the eyes of an "palermo". togehter we should have
a lunch and have fun. language could be english or of cause german.
Hope somebody is available.
pls. let me know costs and meeting point
we have seen a tv report of your organisation in german tv and are very much
interested to see your city more privat instead of " a big group" showing us onlx
the "usual"highlights of the city.

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Hi Horst and thank you for contacting us.

We would be happy to help you discovering Palermo from a different perspective.
For further details, please take a look at this link http://www.addiopizzotravel.it/default.asp?tour=17
As you can see it's scheduled every Saturday at a reduced price, but it can be scheduled in a different day if it suits you better (by the way, I can't see any date of arrival in your message - can you tell me when are you going to be here?).

Do you need advices on accommodation, what to see, where to go?
We are at your disposal :)

Addiopizzo Travel

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