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Carmen Cristiana Baruffini

Carmen Cristiana Baruffini I am an angel of Napoli

Vivo a Napoli praticamente da sempre, ma a volte ancora mi stupisco e mi incanto; ci sono giorni in cui il sole a Spaccanapoli fa strani giochi e tra le strade e i vicoli del centro antico scopri particolari insoliti: un balcone che sembra cedere al peso degli innumerevoli vasi d …continue

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Who I am

Vivo a Napoli praticamente da sempre, ma a volte ancora mi stupisco e mi incanto; ci sono giorni in cui il sole a Spaccanapoli fa strani giochi e tra ...continua


17 Mar 14


Ciao Carmen, piacere Arnold. Sono di Amburgo. Non parlo bene l'italiano, ma provo di imparare. I am staying a couple of days in Via calata trinita maggiore, near Piazza del Gesu and would like to go and see the many sights of the Centro Storico. I would be grateful if you could give me some hints of places "not to miss", including museums etc. If possible and time permits I would also like to visit the Scavi di Ercolano, Campi Flegrei and, if possible Ischia. Ciao e aspetto di rileggerti prestissimo. (Quest'anno ho imparato un po' d'italiano. Mi riesce sempre difficile scrivere delle frasi, ma conosco già tanti vocaboli.)

Hi Arnold, nice to meet you.
The location you chose is very suitable to visit a lot of interesting places. Naples historical center is a short step from you and has a Greek map, formed by three Decumani (parallel streets) and many Cardini (ortogonal roads). You just have to walk throug this network to wonder in every corner. :-)
These three Decumani are: Lower Decumano, as known as "Spaccanapoli" (Via Benedetto Croce and after Via San Biagio dei Librai), starting from Piazza del Gesù Nuovo; Medium Decumano (Via dei Tribunali) and Upper Decumano (Via dell'Anticaglia/ Via Donnaregina).
Firts of all you MUST visit the curch and the cloister of Santa Chiara (http://www.monasterodisantachiara.com/), in Via Bedenetto Croce: its majolica courtyard is a rare example in the world. Just in front, you will find Gesù Nuovo Cathedral (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiesa_del_Ges%C3%B9_Nuovo); the main facade of the church is famous for the wall in "bugnato", arourd which there is also a misterious history ;-)
Another MUST is San Gregorio Armeno, typical for "presepi". Please visit the church of Santa Patrizia (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiesa_di_San_Gregorio_Armeno) and ask nuns you will find there to visit the courtyard: it is not well known, but, believe me, you'll find it wonderful! Please offer few euros before leaving: nuns use them for poor children.
Then, you can't leave Naples without visiting the "Cristo Velato" in Cappella San Severo (http://www.museosansevero.it/it/). I don't tell you anythig: go there and you will be surprised!!!
If you want to visit a wonderful church, follow the Upper decumano till the end, in via Carbonara and you ill see the cathedral of San Giovanni a Carbonara (not on Sunday).
When you will walk along these street, please look inside the portals: you will see wonderful yards and majestic stairs.
Pay attention to every step you take, because this is a magical place and every corner hides a wonder: a building, an old and maybe forseken church or chapel, a little workshop, or something deliciuos to eat.
For other locations outside Naples, you need to pledge a day for each one. In Piazza del Gesu there is an info point where you will find roadmaps and timetables.
These are only few of the many many things you could see in Naples. I hope you will come back for a longer period. For the time beeing, enjoy this charming place and have a nice stay.


18 Mar 14


Hi Carmen,

Thank you so much for all your valuable informations. I am looking forward to seeing all theses interesting places, which you have mentioned. If you have time, I would like to invite you for a pizza in one of the famous "pizzerie di Napoli". Please let me know. Looking forward to meeting you and kind regards e buona giornatat,